Friday, July 4, 2008

I've been TAGGED

I've been tagged by Patty! Here are 7 weird and random facts about me...

1) I get very grumpy when I'm hot...I even called Osha to report a broken air conditioner in my and neighboring classrooms when I was a teacher and 7 or 8 month pregnant...they came out the very next day and it got taken care my secret is out! (Yes...I'm grumpy today!)
2) I'm addicted to my computerS...yes...I "play" on desktop and laptop, which are side-by-side. I love to email and look at blogs (especially Patty's) and Splitcoast.
3) I'm also addicted to Stampin' Up! which isn't always good. I can't stop thinking about it...especially when I should be trying to fall asleep! My poor hubby has to hear so many details about my business.
4) I've been on a Slim Fast diet...that makes me grumpy was trying to drop 10 pounds before convention...oh well...I think I've lost 3...haha.
5) I once had 3 jobs in college, at which point I was so stressed that I was uncontrollably losing weight...hmm...I may be on to something!
6) My 2 sisters and I were pregnant at the same time with our daughters...Diane and I even delievered 4 days apart, which is fun...we're only 13 months apart.
7) I've been letting my "wedding ring fingernail" grow out so that I can paint it, apply a rub-on flower, then put an eyelet (and set this time) into my's just for convention...gotta do something crazy to keep up with the other crazy SU! ladies! :) I'm tagging:



Lee said...

Hi Aimee,
Thanks for including me in playing "TAG" was a challenge for me being new....but I got it, I think?
Look forward to meeting you.

My Stamping Spot said...

Yeah! I have been tagged. I am so glad that I was reading your blog today or I would have missed it.