Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going Crazy!

Ok...people used to laugh at me in college because I always had at least 2 jobs...I've been "jobless" for 2 yrs. now, except for being a SU! demonstrator, but now my hubby and I are franchise owners of Club Z! In-home Tutoring for our city. Also, I will be teaching rubberstamping classes beginning in January. It hasn't gotten too crazy yet, but I hope it doesn't...I don't want to be apart from my computer or stamps for too long! The HORROR!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Can Count!

My hubby put a counter on my blog last night...yippee! Now I need to get him to figure out more stuff for me so I can have a better blog...this tech. stuff is hard for me! Visit again soon to see improvements!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Adios Summer!!!

Ahh...the heat in So. Cal. has been awful!!! I'm dreaming of fall and winter. :) I love all of those great holidays that fall within those months, especially since I get to share them with my two little children and family. It's so fun to snuggle up and drink something warm.
Today I'll just soak up the sun with the kiddos in their little blow-up pool and count down the weeks until cooler weather visits us again. :) I hope Sunday will be a little cooler....I'm having my "Wicked & Boo-tiful Stamping" class at my house. Good thing I have AC! :) Stay cool!