Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stampin' Around the Clock

I am having too much fun stamping lately! I sneak into my craft center...not room...and stamp whenever I have a chance...which wasn't a great idea when my daughter decided to sit on her little potty while hanging out with big was a mess and my hubby wasn't too happy. :)

I've committed to having at least one class a month, plus my club meets once a month and I hold monthly meetings with my stamp group and I belong to other groups that have their own meetings.

I'm counting down for Leadership, which is in Jan. in Palm Springs...then a few weeks after that are Anaheim...only 15-20 mins. from my house...yippee!

OK...gotta go stamp and get ready for my Sat. workshop...I'll have to post those projects soon!


Maria said...

Very cute idea. That would make sure a nice gift for a family.
I love the tins as well!

Heather Phillips said...

cute projects! I love the All in the Family set, I haven't gotten it yet but it is just so darn fun!!! Hope to get to see you at Leadership, we'll have to have some way of knowing who all of the UdderlyAwesome folks are :)

Queen Mary said...

Aimee, welcome back! Nice to hear from you! You are so lucky to have a regional so close to home! And yes, the family project is too cute! I love your tins too! Mary

Melinda Chen said...

Hi Aimee!
I was at the SF meeting last Saturday and I loved the project that you showed with the punches!! All were sooo cute! I especially loved the purse, but who didn't? Thank you for sharing with us the different websites that you get your inspiration from! That's very helpful. Oh, I also like your blog - great pictures and ideas! And I can kinda relate to you in the fact that I am a stay-at-home mom trying to build my business so that I can stamp for free! I have been my own best customer son is 2 1/2 and daughther is 13 mos.