Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catch Up by Scrapbooking for only 10 Minutes...Really!

Just 10 Minutes A Day
A Scrapbooker’s Guide to “Catching Up”
By Aimee Gandara

Day 1- Pick out pictures that you would like to scrapbook. This can be a set of pictures that commemorate a single day or event, or you may choose to select pictures from various days, years, or events. I know it’s hard to do, but decide on a small amount of pictures, 20 pictures is just too much for a double page layout! Looking at your pictures, and thinking about the theme being scrapbooked, choose 3-5 paper colors that you would like to use. This is even easier if you decide to go with a Simply Scrappin’® Kit, since the color coordination is done for you…plus you get the self-adhesive diecuts as a bonus! Put your materials into a scrapbook keeper or even a plain old box for an easy cleanup that’s portable.

Day2- Look at your paper colors and pictures that you selected on day 1. Decide on 1-3 stamp sets that will go nicely with your pictures. Either sketch a layout design or simply “play” with your pictures to decide on a basic layout. You can get ideas by looking in the Stampin’ Up!® Catalog or website as well.

Day 3- Get to cropping! Cut down your pictures to the size that you’d like. Start stamping on wheeling onto your paper!

Day 4- Add any other last touches or embellishments, like ribbon, hardware or chipboard onto your layout.

Day 5- Add any journaling that you’d like onto your layout. Remember to include dates and other important details. Glue down all pictures and page elements. Viola! Work well done…you completed a whole layout in just 10 minutes a day…keep it up and you’ll catch up on those pages before you know it! Showing off those beautiful pages to others can help to encourage you to keep up your good work…take pride and have fun!

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